The no pattern pattern done in multiple colors

Embroidered Ravens with 100% linen woven trim prior to being sewn into place for a Viking apron.

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Smiling Sheltie Productions

Finished rifle strap using Sinfonia yarn and brass findings. 1.5" W

Above is a mix of tablet and Inkle woven bands that can be used for guitar straps, belts, key fobs or trim on clothing. 

Tote bags woven in simple & tablet weave patterns.

Tablet woven band in progress using multiple colors. Made with cotton, linen, Egyptian cotton and acrylic fibers  

Max, quality control expert and holistic health therapist specializing in stress relief. A 16 pound Pomeranian/Sheltie mix rescue that only knows how to give love and happiness.   

Welcome to the creative world of weaving! 

​Throughout the history of man, the art of weaving has had it's place in providing, clothing, straps and bands that suited the needs of each society as they developed. In this section is my part on using techniques of old and bringing it into the current day needs and uses.

All products are labeled as it's use, materials and size. Please feel free to contact my office for special orders.

Woven Products