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Great Gift Idea for the Student, Practitioner or Teacher!

A follow along guide for the student!

A teaching tool for the practitioner and teacher!

Students - review the sections you want!

Practitioners and teachers - use the aura imaging sections to show what actually happens during Reiki!

Reiki DVD

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Total Run Time

1 hr. 17 min. 43 sec.


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Level 1 Reiki  DVD

A great addition to your holistic library!


Section 1 Self-Care

Hatsurei - Ho

Self Care with Reiki

Optional Hand Positions

Section 2 Techniques

Client positioning for Pregnancy, Swollen Ankles,

Breathing Issues & Low Back Pain

Sensing the Client's Energy

Using A Pendulum

Uchi-te Chiryo-ho/Tapping

Oshi-te Chiryo-ho/Pulsing

Nade-te Chiryo-ho/Sweeping

Seiheki Chiryo-ho/Affirmations

Tanden Chiryo-ho/Tanden Method

Balancing Energy

Releasing Excess Energy

Aura Imaging Showing Emotional Changes

Section 3

Full Body Session

 Traditional Hand Positions

Optional Hand Positions

Aura Imaging Showing Practitioner's Energy Merging w/Client

Before & After Aura Images of Client's Energy


Section 4

Seated Session

Usui's Original Hand Positions

Traditional Hand Positions

Optional Hand Positions

Section 5

Reiki With Animals

Animal Chakras

Energy Procedure for Animals

Reiki Demonstration on a Canine