Are massage therapists required to be licensed by the State of Connecticut?

Massage Therapists are required to be licensed by the State of Connecticut. My CT Lic.# 003056 is through the Department of Public Health. 

I am sensitive to certain scents and lotions, how do I know I won't have any issues receiving a massage?

I use organic products and although some do have essential oils in them, I also use pure Jojoba which is scent free and can be used on anyone regardless of age or health issues. You may also bring a lotion or oil that you feel confident in to be used during your session. No candles are burned during the session because many manufacturers use chemicals in the candles to duplicate the essential oil scent or use lead in the wick and both can cause health and/or breathing issues.     

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. Master card, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted as payment for services. 

Do you take insurances? 

No. Most insurances will not cover massage services at this time. If your insurance provides coverage for my services, I can provide you with either a billing statement or form CMS 1500 which provides the CPT codes that most insurance companies require for reimbursement. I would receive payment in full from you at the time of the session and any reimbursement would be mailed directly to you. In the event of any issues in receiving reimbursement would need to be discussed between you and your insurance company. It is best to make a copy of any statement I provide for your records in the event you need to discuss any questions you may have with your insurance company.

I received an injury, do you provide repo
rts for court?

Yes, please let me know prior to your session that you need a copy of your session for court or an insurance company. I provide 2 copies at no charge and can mailed where you request or the report can be picked up by appointment or arrangement. The report is broken down into several sections which is abbreviated as SOAP. S = Subjective (what you tell  me is  bothering you, ie. "I fell and my neck hurts").O = Objective (how you present yourself, ie. one shoulder is higher than the other, walking with limp, trouble focusing, etc.). A = Assessment (how your body presents itself, what is tight or sore on your body, what is effecting your body and how it restricts movement, etc.). P = Plan (what is the best course of action for your recovery, ie. physical therapy, additional massage sessions, stretches, doctor visit, etc.). 

Additional SOAP reports and/or an assessment report are available at an additional fee. 

What should I expect during a massage session?

Prior to the session we will discuss your goals and the way you want to take the session (relaxation vs therapeutic). You will then be left alone to undress to whatever level you are comfortable at. You will be under a sheet during the entire session with only the area being worked on undraped. Upon completion, I will finish the session with a hot towel on your feet. I will then leave the room and meet with you after you're dressed and go over areas of tightness I found during our time together. I will then give you stretches to take home for follow-up care and go over any questions you may have.

How many sessions do I need to buy at a time? 

There is no minimum amount of sessions that are required to purchase. You may pay for just the one you scheduled or you may take advantage of my multi-session discount pricing to save on fees.

There are so many types of services to choose from, how do I know which one is best for me?

The best way to determine which service or services is best suited for your needs is to discuss it with me directly. With most of my prices the same, it makes it easy to customize a session specifically for your needs and desired goals. Many people need a combination of several types of massage to achieve their health and physical goals.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that balances the person's Chi or energy. We know it more as our blood and oxygen that travels through our circulatory system. During a session the client stays fully clothed and the practitioner looks for any discord in the client's Chi. By balancing the system, the client's energy can flow properly thus boosting their immune system and reduce stress. 

Is the music that you play available for sale?

Yes. All the music that is played during the session is available for sale and can be either purchased at the time of your visit or ordered for you if it is out of stock.


FAQ's & Policies



Because appointment times are reserved specially for each client and I am unable to fill appointments that are canceled on short notice, the following policy is in place: 

Appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice are charged the full amount and must be paid prior to the next appointment. This also includes clients that come for their appointment but are unsure if they should receive a massage/treatment due to their specific concern(s).

In the event a decision is made at the time of the client's appointment that the session should either be canceled or rescheduled, the client is still responsible for the full cost of that session. This fee is waived for regular clients for their first cancellation with less than 24 hours notice, or in the case of emergency.  


I do try to contact the client prior to their appointment as a courtesy. In the event I cannot make the reminder call, the client is responsible for their appointment and for the cost of any missed sessions and will be billed accordingly. Depending on the reason for not coming to their appointment, the client may be required to prepay future sessions in addition to their missed appointment to ensure attendance of their appointment.

Returned Check Policy 

There is a $25.00 fee for a returned check. After 2 returned checks for non-payment, cash will be required for all future appointments. 


There is no refund on services rendered.

Unused gift certificate holders may receive a credit to any services listed. Gift Certificates are Not Refundable, Replaceable or Redeemable for cash. See Gift Certificate policy below for more on policy. 

There is no refund given on purchases of oils, lotions creams etc.

Purchases of books, CD's or DVD's cannot receive a refund. if they are defective, a replacement will be issued upon return of the defective item. If damaged during mailing a replacement will be made at no cost if shipping insurance was paid for in advance by purchaser. Damaged item will need to be shipped back at purchaser's expense and a replacement will be mailed immediately. 


As of today there is no expiration date on gift certificates. People that choose to either purchase a gift certificate for themselves or others fall under this law.  Anyone that chooses to prepay sessions will also fall under this law since in effect, they are buying sessions as a gift to themselves. Although the law states that there is no time limit to use the gift certificates we can put a time limit on how long the price will be good for. This is to protect the business owner from someone buying a gift certificate today and not using it for several years and the price has gone up for the item, leaving the business owner actually losing money due to the long time frame the person took to use the Gift Certificate or Pre-Paid Session. I have chosen to give each person 1 year to use the gift certificate or pre-paid session since many issues come up in life and we can't always do the things we want to do for ourselves in as timely a manner as we would like. In the event an issue comes up and it takes longer than 1 year to use the session please feel free to contact my office to discuss your situation and if the dates can be extended. Extensions granted due to illness, death of a family member, etc. are only done once and if not used during the extension, the gift certificate or pre-paid session will convert to the cash amount actually paid at the time of purchase. For examples, see below.  


Services and Gift Certificates purchased during time of sale will be honored at the higher value for 1 year from date of purchase regardless of any rate increases that may occur during that period. After 1 year from date of purchase the actual purchase price will be in affect.

 Regular price of service is listed for $60.00. Gift Certificate or Service purchased on sale for $50.00 will be honored at $60.00 value for 1 year from date of purchase. After 1 year, Gift Certificate or Service will will be worth $50.00 only and may be applied towards all services listed. 

Services and Gift Certificates purchased during time other than sale cannot be adjusted to match sale price and will be at value of purchase price for 1 year from date of purchase. After 1 year the purchase will still be worth actual purchase price but if any price increases occurred during that time, holder/purchaser will be responsible to pay any difference in costs.

 A Gift Certificate or Service is purchased for $60.00. The purchase price is guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase. After 1 year from date of purchase if the rate increased to $65.00 the client would be responsible to pay the difference of $5.00.  

Gift Certificates must be presented at time of service. Lost or stolen Gift Certificates will not be replaced. Length of session shown on Gift Certificate CANNOT be divided into multiple shorter sessions.

 If Gift Certificate is for 1.5 hrs of services, it cannot be divided into two 3/4 hour sessions. 

All Gift Certificates and Pre-Paid Sessions are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE or REDEEMABLE FOR CASH. Lost, stolen or damaged gift certificates will not be replaced. Once Gift Certificates or Pre-paid sessions go past their 6 month time period as described above and convert to a cash value they remain as a credit on your account for in office visits only and cannot be used  to purchase additional gift certificates or pre-paid sessions. The credit will be used according to the price of service at the time of your session.