Make your next function fun for everyone!

Whether you are holding a company function, employee reward, bridal shower, retreats or holding a fair, offering Massage Therapy and/or Reiki shows you care. Below is just a few ideas on how you can make your next event something that everyone will be talking about for some time to come.

Company Function/Employee Reward

Great for employee rewards and shows that you appreciate all the efforts they put in on a day to day basis to keep your business going. It's also a great way to keep your health care costs down. While your employees enjoy a power nap during their 10 - 15 minute chair massage session, they wake up refreshed and more energetic avoiding the afternoon slump. In addition, by addressing the employee's issues now, they stay healthier, avoiding sick time or surgery caused by repetitive stress injuries. In the long run, the employees are happy, healthy and more productive while the company saves money on their bottom line. A win/win situation for everyone!

Bridal Showers/Weddings

Treat the bride to be with a relaxing table or chair massage to help release the stress from all the planning needed to make her day special. Reward the bridal party for all the work they did in helping the bride get her plans done on time with either a chair or table massage. Guests can enjoy the wedding longer with a quick chair massage to perk their body up from dancing and enjoying the union of two people in love.

Baby Showers

Mother's and father's-to-be will enjoy a relaxing massage to help release stress from getting ready to bring a new life into their world. Once the stress is relieved, the baby becomes calmer as well as making the delivery easier due to everyone being in a more relaxed state. Reiki can also be used during this time to help with all the emotions that come into play near the time of the baby's due date.


Keep your patrons in the fair longer with a quick chair massage or Reiki session so they can enjoy the day to the fullest instead of leaving early due to sore feet and a tired body. Their body is happy so they want to stay longer to have more fun. The vendors are happy with the patrons staying longer to spend money on their merchandise.

Scrap Booking/Sewing/Quilter Retreats

Relieve the guest's tired and/or sore backs during your retreat. A 15 minute chair massage can do wonders for achy backs, sore shoulders, tired arms and hands allowing the guests to feel refreshed and happy during your retreat.


Event Fees

Fees for each event will vary due to the size of the event, hours of services, distance and amount of massage therapists needed to fill your request.

A 50% deposit is required to book your event.

Cancellation Policy

Deposit is 50% refundable up to 30 days of event. No refunds 30 days or less to event.